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    Our Alfie

    In the last update we told you nothing more could be done for Alfie’s tumour, this hasn’t changed, yet such is his character he keeps smiling. We’re having weekly visits from the hospital consultants and the Macmillian nurses, they are monitoring Alfie’s condition and generally keeping an eye on us all.

    Having previously all but lost the use of his right arm and hand, in the last week Alfie has had a few problems holding things with his left hand, despite the frustration, he keeps smiling.

  2. Our Alfie

    Our Alfie

    We have put off updating Alfie's pages this week, I guess we just couldn't find the words.

    When we set up Alfie's page, we did so because we wanted to raise awareness of DIPG by sharing our Alfie's journey.

    Alfie has had many good months, but it would not be an awareness page if we only made people aware of the good, which is why we knew we had to sit down and write this.

  3. cake saleThe Boys Cake Sale!

    Tyronne and Ryan desperately wanted to raise some money for 'Alfie's Journey Fund.'

    Between them, they came up with the idea of a cake sale, and with 'bandana for brain tumours day' in mind, they decided on baking cakes decorated with pirates wearing bandanas.

    The cakes looked fab and they even did some teddy bear ones inspired by their little brother, Alfie bear.